Beware Burnout!
Thursday, 30 September 2021

Surabaya (30/9) - The Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet. Even now the newest variant appears again after the Delta Variant. This has become a nightmare for society. This condition makes many of us start to be at risk of anxiety, depression, and have negative attitudes towards ourselves and work. In the September 2021 Edition Pelindo Marines CEO Talks took the theme related to Burnout! Burnout itself can be interpreted as a condition of being depressed at work or losing enthusiasm for work. Based on the results of the PPM Management survey, it is known that 80 percent of workers experience symptoms of stress during the Covid-19 pandemic. Director of Finance, HR and General Affairs, Pelindo Marines, Lia Indi Agustiana, reminded mariners to manage stress. "Hopefully mariners who are experiencing stress due to this pandemic can immediately organize their hearts so they can focus on family and work, and more importantly, so that our immunity is maintained," he said. Corporate psychologist, Meutia Ananda, as a speaker, informed that one of the strategies to avoid burnout is to identify and control emotions. One way to relieve stress is by self-healing which can help us feel more comfortable. In addition, it is also important for mariners to always think positively. "By thinking positively, it will form stability and self-resistance to things that can damage the image and emotional maturity," he concluded.