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Support the President's Strategic Program, Pelindo Marines Serves Bioenergy Transportation
Wednesday, 02 December 2020

Pelindo III BUMN subsidiary, Pelindo Marines, serves the transportation of FAME (fatty acid methyl esther / fatty acid methyl ester), which is a bioenergy production material from biofuels. This material is used for the production of Pertamina's Biosolar. Part of President Joko Widodo's Strategic Program in encouraging the use of fuels that are more environmentally friendly than fossil-based ones so they are not renewable.

The service was formalized in the Cooperation Agreement between Pelindo Marines (Pelindo III Group), Pertamina Trans Continental (Pertamina Group), and PT USDA Seroja Jaya which was signed in Surabaya, Wednesday (2/12). "Pelindo Marines is preparing a fleet of ships with trained crews to transport FAME from PT Wilmar's Terminal Untuk Kepentingan Sendiri (TUKS) at Gresik Port to Mirah Terminal at Tanjung Perak Port, Surabaya," said Pelindo Marines President Director, Umar, after the event.

Umar revealed, along with the increasing demand for Wilmar's production of FAME supply to Pertamina's blending facility at Tanjung Perak Port, Surabaya, transportation via land transportation is not expected to be possible in the future. "This cooperation is a synergy step to anticipate that the Government's Strategic Program will not be disrupted due to supply transportation constraints. Transfers of transportation by sea transportation are a solution, because ships or barges have a larger bulk transport capacity. So that it will provide significant efficiency in terms of duration and transportation costs. Apart from that, it also reduces road loads and traffic congestion that can disrupt community activities, "he said.

Pelindo Marines' business line in the field of energy logistics, namely Pelindo Energi Logistik, will support the operation of transporting the bioenergy material by providing pipeline installations. The special piping system will be operated at Mirah Terminal to channel FAME from ships to pipes leading to storage tanks at Pertamina's terminal. "So Pelindo Marines' services will be integrated, starting from sea transportation between port terminals to pipeline installation facilities for loading and unloading activities from ships to storage tanks," said Umar again.

Pelindo Marines contributed to the expansion of the Pelindo III Group portfolio in the energy segment. Pelindo Marines tugboats have been trusted to serve tug-assist for Pertamina Hulu Energi offshore operations in the waters west of Madura. Then Pelindo Energi Logistik has recently succeeded in serving LNG transportation to supply a Floating Power Plant in Amurang Bay, North Sulawesi.

President Director of Pertamina Trans Kontinental, Nepos MT Pakpahan, in his remarks said that the cooperation was made to support, mutually support, and mutually benefit both parties in order to develop their respective businesses, for mutual progress. “This collaboration is a synergy for BUMN subsidiaries to increase FAME transfers with the target of operating activities running well, safely and smoothly. Apart from that, it also supports the Government Program for the provision of renewable energy, namely biofuels which are being prioritized, "he explained.