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Pelindo Marines Holds Virtual Customer Visit During Pandemic
Saturday, 15 August 2020

In the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Pelindo Marines, Pelindo III's subsidiary in the marine services sector, continues to try to listen to customer input and complaints. The use of information technology is optimized by holding a virtual customer visit agenda. "We will hold virtual customer visits with service users, ranging from regional clusters of East Java, Central Java, Bali Nusra, Kalimantan, to international service users of Pelindo Marines services in the Strait of Malacca," explained Pelindo Marines President Director Eko Hariyadi Budiyanto, Saturday (15/8).
Eko Hariyadi Budiyanto revealed that optimization of information technology is a solution to comply with the adaptation period for new habits. "Maintaining communication and coordination with service users also opens up opportunities for service development projections and business networks. So that the business continues to grow in line with complying with health protocols, "he said.In addition, Pelindo Marines is also collaborating with ITS Techno Sains research consultants to conduct customer surveys to gather input from service users. One of the research leaders, Saut Gurning, confirmed that at least 100 marine service users and stakeholders would be contacted to provide input. "Input from customers will be processed data to formulate not only the company's future business development. But also a strategy to survive in the era of crisis, so that the company's business sustainability plan can be formulated more accurately, "he added.Pelindo Marines' business line in the multimodal service sector, BMC Logistics, has used the Customer Mobile Application to make it easier for service users to find out the position of their containers, without having to come to the field or wait for confirmation. The Customer Mobile application is a customer service innovation at the container depot so that information distribution can take place more quickly and accurately."This application is equipped with various features to make it easier for service users. Among other things, you can find out the number of containers going in and out per day, as well as the number of containers stock in the depot. Then the search for container data such as DO number, BL number, vessel, consignee, transport truck number, and so on, can be accessed easily, "said Director of BMC Logistics, Juneddy Sinaga, on a separate occasion.Then there is also the APBS Smart Client application for ship operators crossing shipping access to the Tanjung Perak Port, Surabaya and Gresik Port, Surabaya West Shipping Line. "The APBS Smart Client application helps service users to monitor APBS flow services. In addition, it also functions to simplify the collection to repayment process, which is integrated with Pelindo III's data and system, as a port operator, "said APBS President Director Wawan Sulistyawan in Surabaya."This application system brings the benefits of being transparent and real time transaction processing. In addition, in future application development, later if there is a service user complaint there is no need to bother contacting personally, it is enough to enter the complaint ticket in the application so that it is systemized and can be immediately responded to by the person in charge, "he added.Red and White MaskMeanwhile, from the LNG Terminal at Benoa Harbor Bali, PT Pelindo Energi Logistik (PEL), the Pelindo Marines business line that operates the terminal, has a unique way of serving customers in the atmosphere of the Republic of Indonesia's Independence commemoration. "The Benoa LNG terminal team wore masks with a red and white pattern. The action is to exemplify the fighting spirit of the heroes of independence, in that we serve customers with high-risk energy logistics operations with great care, ”said PEL Operations and Engineering Director, Vitus Satoto, from Surabaya.