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PEL Increasing Productivity During the Pandemic
Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Surabaya (27/5) – During Covid-19 Pandemic, business line of Pelindo III that focuses on energy distribution and storage, PT Pelindo Energi Logistik (PEL) observed productivity growth on some business segments. “In 1st quarterly report 2020, liquified natural gas (LNG) distribution at LNG Benoa Terminal, Bali, was recorded to grow 1,11 percent year on year (YoY). Continuously, the 1st quartal volume on 2020, was recorded 2,91 million MMBTU, and it has increased from the last year’s same period, was 2,88 million MMBTU,” said Kokok Susanto as the President Director of PEL, in Surabaya, Wednesday (27/5).

He also declared that the 1st quartal fuel distribution services for this year had achieved the target. The distribution of Pertamax was recorded 409 thousand liters or 22,7 percent YoY that was approaching the target rate of 333 thousand liters. “For the other fuel distributions, Pertadex was recorded 92 thousand liters, Dexlite was recorded 10 thousand liters, and Pertalite was recorded 22 thousand liters. It shows that PT PEL becomes more professional in handling liquid fuel distribution and capable of supporting the national energy logistics,” he stated.

Moreover, hazardous and poisonous waste management also approached the target. The liquid waste management for the 1st quartal reached 54 thousand liters or increased 124 percent YoY from the latest year that was 24 thousand liters. On the contrary, the solid waste volume that has been managed was 210 thousand cubic meters or increased 64 percent YoY from the latest year, which was 128 cubic meters. Furthermore, the amount percentage of tank rented increased 25 percent YoY. “The productivity growth reflects our commitment to supporting the customer needs during the pandemic and national economic growth,” said Kokok Susanto.

‘The New Normal’

As the instruction of the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) about ‘the New Normal’ scenario during the Covid-19 pandemic, PEL ensures to maintain 24 hours per day on 7 days per week operational services to support national logistics’ flow of energy. In order to support the operational flow, PEL protects the employees by executing preventive protocols of Covid-19, such as wearing a mask, washing hands, disinfectant spraying in workplaces, the distributions of the multivitamin, herbs drinks, health, and hygiene food catering, and physical distancing in 4 regions of workplaces, that are placed in East Java, Central Java, Bali Nusra, Kalimantan,” he stated.

To maintain the business partners’ collaboration, PEL optimizes the video conference software for managing physical distancing. Moreover, PEL has utilized a cashless system for weighbridge by using WITH PEL application (Weighing Information Transaction in Hand). This application facilitates to monitor the real-time transactions on the weighbridge. “PEL urges to maintain excellent services by executing health protocols to prevent Covid-19. Thus, Occupational, Safety, and Health (K3) can be implemented for the employees and business partners,” said Kokok Susanto