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Pelindo Marines Ready for ‘the New Normal’ Protocol
Friday, 22 May 2020

Surabaya (22/5) – Pelindo Marines (PT Pelindo Marine Service - Pelindo III Group) is ready for various adjustments on its business process during the Covid-19 Pandemic. As instructed by the Ministry of State-owned Enterprises (SOE), 'the New Normal' scenario should be executed on May 26. 

"As the subsidiary of Pelindo III that supports marine services, such as pilotage and vessel towage at the port, Pelindo Marines ensures to maintain 24/7 operational services to support the national logistics' flow of goods. Logistics supply becomes essential for public sufficient food supplies and commodities during the economic crisis," said the Director of Finance, HR, and GA of Pelindo Marines, Denny Hermanto, Friday (22/5), in Surabaya. 

Moreover, the Covid-19 Pandemic is stated as Extraordinary Occurrence (KLB) by the Government. Pelindo Marines formed Covid-19 Task Force, aim to make sure the health protocols are socialized and executed. "Started from the distributions of masks, multivitamin, warm-herb drinks, fruits, body temperature checking, physical distancing, periodic rapid-test, and many more. It aims to engage the safety protection of employees, customers, business partners, suppliers, and stakeholders in port and shipyard," said Denny Hermanto. 

In connection with 'the New Normal' Scenario by the Ministry of SOE, urges the employees aged below 45 years old to work at the office. It has been socialized to several employees. "However, the amount of employee that works at the office has to be regulated properly by considering the KPI, avoiding crowded working space, and employee's medical condition. Even though several operational departments already maintain to work properly in places of deployment," he stated. 

Adding that, the Director of Commersial, Operational, and Engineering of Pelindo Marines, Kartiko Adi, said that it is important to extend the management support for the seafarers and operational workers. Such as adding multivitamin supply, provides Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), medical kit in vessel and shipyard, and personal hygiene equipment. "Maintaining daily team briefing is always conducted by executing physical distancing and aims to implement Occupational, Safety, and Health (K3). The medical check-up for ship crews and ship hygiene checking has been periodically executed and developed the checking accuracy," He said. 

The implementation of Information Technology has to be developed, especially the software optimization, primarily on operational monitoring of bunkering, up to the software application to support the administration business process to maintain the paperless document system. Moreover, internal meeting or external meeting with customer or shareholders has to be conducted online by utilizing software that is safe for sharing document and keeping private data. "Marine Care Facility is ready 24/7 to receive and respond to customer's complaints. Thus, we can maintain the service excellence provided by Pelindo Marines," he said.