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Mariners Care! Huminatarian actions of Maritime Employees to Help Human Impact on Covid-19
Tuesday, 05 May 2020

Surabaya (5/5) – Mariners, the familiar name given to the employees of PT Pelindo Marine Service (Pelindo Marines), PT Alur Pelayaran Barat Surabaya (APBS), PT Pelindo Energi Logistik (PEL), dan PT Berkah Multi Cargo (BMC Logistics) (Pelindo III Group), enganged the donation of Mariners Care! 2020. ‘’From the donations that has been collected by the employees and sponsorships, the distributions are 1.250 food supplies and masks, 2.000 medical masks, 200 hazmat, and 20 boxes medical gloves’’, said The Committee Head of Mariners Care, Tito SW, in the midst of second stage distribution with mariners and the representatives of each donation recipient in the Al Farisi Mosque, PMS Office, on Tuesday (5/5). This event was attended by the Pelindo Marines President Director who is Eko Hariyadi Budiyanto, APBS President Director who is Wawan Sulistyawan, PEL Director who is Sarjono, and BMC Logistics President Director who is Johanes Wahyu Hertanto.

Tito SW also stated that the Covid-19 pandemic has spread and captured there are a lof of people get the impact of economy crisis. Mariners initiated to contribute on social donation and announced it through social media. It got a lot of positive responses. The donations are in the form of money and food packages. It was collected by employees of PMS, APBS, PEL, BMC, also the other employees of Pelindo III Group, and another companies that focus on maritime logistics sector, and banking sector.

He also stated that the distribution of food packages divided into some stages. The first stage was held on 2 stages. The first stage was held on April 20th, that distributed 500 food packages and masks. Then, in the second stage, distributed 750 food packages and masks. For each package, included 5 kg of rice, 500 mL of cooking oil, 4 instant noodles, and non-medical mask.

‘’There were a lot of people can save lives of this donations. They were the poor that live surroundings mariners, in the ring I area that’s near from PMS Group’s office (Port of Tanjung Perak), rickshaw pullers and online drivers, Islamic tutors, retired workers, orphanages, veteran widows. The donation distribution was collaborated with Head of RT in those areas, journalist associations, and Instagram account of @AsliSuroboyo that has published the information about Mariners Care, which has been spread to 971K followers’’, said Tito SW.

In addition, Tito stated that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) would be donated to medical team in hospitals and Satgas Covid-19 in East Java, who has been at the emergency vanguard of Covid-19. Furthermore, Mariners Care also did a disinfectant spraying for public area, as follows traditional markets, residents center, schools, mosques, churches, and Hindu temples in surrounding areas of the port.

President Director of Pelindo Marines, Eko Hariyadi Budiyanto, appreciated those contribution of Mariners Care as the humanitarian action. “It reminds us that the extensive network of mariners expresses the spirit of gotong royong, aimed to help people in crisis life. Gotong royong is the nation characteristic that is crucial to be attempted by the government and citizens to against Covid-19 pandemic,’’ his statement.