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Mariners Care! The 1st Stage Distribution of 500 Food Packages
Wednesday, 22 April 2020

The mariners, or familiar name that’s given to the employees of PT Pelindo Marine Service, PT Alur Pelayaran Barat Surabaya, PT PelindoEnergiLogistik, and PT Berkah Multi Cargo, engaged the humanitarian action Mariners Care! to help people who gets the impact of Covid-19 Pandemic in Surabaya and surroundings.

The donations that was collected by the employees, on the 1st stage distribution, there were 500 food packages and masks that has been donated. For each package, it was contained 5 kg rice bag, 500 mL cooking oil, 4 packs instant noodle, and 3 fabric masks.

The distribution of 250 food packages was carried out, in collaboration with @AsliSuroboyo Instagram account, that has 964 thousand followers. It aims to expand the extensive network and aspiration to donate food packages and masks for people in need.

In addition, hundreds of food packages was also donated to the representatives of the poor, informal workers, rickshaw pullers, online drivers, Islamic tutor/ management of mosque/musholla that live in Perak and surroundings.

The committee leader, Tito SW, stated that the donations had been distributed to Surabaya people, in collaboration with @AsliSuroboyo, food packages were also donated to the poor, rickshaw pullers, online drivers, informal workers, Islamic tutor/ management of mosque/musholla that live in surroundings office. “This social action was initiative of employees to engage donation for people that gets the impact of Covid-19 Pandemic. As the SOEs fellow, we took initiative to raise donations, accompanying with Government and some associations, to help people in need during this economy crisis,” his statement, after symbolically handed the donations in Port of Tanjung Perak Surabaya areas, Monday (20 April 2020).

We hope that the donation concept through employees participation in a workplace or organization may inspire a lot of people to initiate the similar humanitarian action. Furthermore, we  do not only need to hear the voice of poor people that lives surroundings the office, but also cooperate social media account that has extensive network in city level or inter-city level.