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Pelindo Marines Solids with Stakeholder
Thursday, 05 March 2020

The East Java Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI Jatim), that is led by Hengky Pratoko as the Chairman, had a discussion with Eko Hariyadi Budiyanto as the President Director of Pelindo Marine Service in Head Office of PMS Group, Surabaya. It was also attended by the representatives of ALFI Jatim, who were Arief Tejo as Vice Chairperson, Agus Muslim as Secretary, Husni as Director of Custom Affairs, Yayuk as Head of Training and Manpower Development Division, Erik as Head of Logistics Division, Cece as Head of Foreign Affairs, Romzi Abdullah as the Chairman of GINSI East Java.

Hengky Pratoko appreciated the business growth of PMS Group for the last 2 years. “We as the business players, wants to be business partner for SOEs and its subsidiaries. The visiting of ALFI Jatim to PMS, became an appreciation for SOEs that always maintains business contribution with private sector. Especially, logistics sector that requires to have stakeholders collaboration in order to serving people”, he stated.

Eko Hariyadi Budiyanto also declared that solid collaboration of stakeholders on port and logistics sectors become essential. “Currently, PMS Group has launched Representative Office in Batam. This movement aims to accommodate business expansion of Pelindo III, contributed by PMS in Malacca Strait areas. It was started by the hand over of pilotage service to Pelindo III, that is handled by PMS”, he said.

In addition, the solid relation between PMS and ALFI/ILFA becomes a  strong foundation to develop business expansion of PMS, out of its captive market. “Moreover, our collaboration is not only on Surabaya or East Java, but also cooperate wherever there is a possibility of doing so. Furthermore, in Batam and Malacca Strait, the collaboration of SOEs and national businessmen engages synergy to expand Indonesian business sector in global market,”. The representatives of ALFI/ILFA East Java were also invited to have discussion and visited the shipyard of Pelindo Marines. They also explored the Port of Tanjung Perak and Gresik by having Nembrala ship. The business players on maritime sector, found that their logistics business are well served. Pelindo Marines regards that the solid relation with stakeholders are important to develop the business expansion of Pelindo Marines, out of its captive market.