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8 Special Events to Celebrate the 8th Anniversary of Pelindo Marines
Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Surabaya (31/12) – The subsidiary of SOE Pelindo III, Pelindo Marines Service celebrated the 8th Anniversary in Head Office of PMS Group in Surabaya, on Tuesday (31/12). It was coincided with new year eve. This celebration was attended by Joko Noerhudha as the President Commissioner of Pelindo Marines and the other Commissioners, and Eko Hariyadi Budiyanto as the President Director of Pelindo Marines with the other Directors. In addition, it was also attended by the Directors of its subsidiaries and affiliation, and all employees of PMS Group in Port of Tanjung Perak, Surabaya.

“The 8th Anniversary of Pelindo Marines was celebrated by involving various aspects, such as religious, sports, education, environment, and the fellowship between all managements and employees of PMS Group. At the age of 8th, there would be 8 special events to celebrate it.” said Eko Hariyadi Budiyanto, in midst of celebration.

In addition, he declared that the 1st aspect of religious was marked by the launched of Al-Farisi Mosque in office areas of PMS Group in Surabaya. The managements also provided Umrah worship to Mecca and Madina for 5 muslim officers and ship crews. Moreover, the Christian officer had a chance to do worship in Jerusalem. In sports, directors and employees joined table tennis competition and held bikes together ‘First Saturday Ride of 2020’. Bikes together event was also invited folding bikers community that works in port, namely Port Sally Club.

In environment sector, the employees of Pelindo Marines held Green Office Initiatives by having planting in workplaces, in the form of seeds and vertical garden. Especially, in maritime education sector, the President Director became the guest lecture for college students of Hang Tuah University, Surabaya. Last week, Pelindo Marines also handed over 6 pilotage ships miniature to be shown as diorama in Surabaya North Quay. Consequently, the visitors and passengers in Gapura Surya Nusantara Terminal, Port of Tanjung Perak Surabaya, are able to know further about the various types of ships that operates in port.

Eko Hariyadi Budiyanto declared that the amazing celebration of 8th Anniversary of Pelindo Marines, as grateful attitude towards the company achievements on 2019. The achievements were the A- corporate rating of Pefindo, Kresna 306 ship contract to support PHE WMO offshore, the accomplishment on Good Corporate Governance assessment as good predicate, and many more achievements.

“PMS Group has launched Masterplan TI 2020-2024 and new corporate culture, namely GOHI that contains the values of growth or encouraging the growth, working with optimism and happy, and also maintain high integrity. GOHI is the abbreviation of growth, optimism, happy, and integrity. This year, we has also launched new tagline, which is GOHI, Go Beyond!,” he said.