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Public Speaking oleh Ivi Batuta
Tuesday, 20 August 2019

In order to celebrate the 74th Indonesian Independence Day, Tuesday 20/8/2019, at the Pelindo Surya Nusantara (GSN) Building owned by PT Pelindo III, a seminar and training session was held for the Association of Wives of Pelindo Employees (Perispindo). The seminar and training was titled Art of Public Speaking, starring Ivi Batuta, a presenter, MC, and professional radio announcer. Participants who were dominated by mothers used a red and white dresscode. Also present as an invitation, the President Director of PT. Pelindo III Doso Agung along with the ranks. Not to forget, Nita Hariyadi Budiyanto, chairman of the Perispindo PMS Group and members present at the event. This Public Speaking seminar and training is expected to increase the ability of participants in public speaking, as well as train their confidence in communication.