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Container Coming to Village Programe
Wednesday, 10 April 2019

MiniCont - The Next Logistic Solution
Kontainer Masuk Desa

Container Coming to Village
Tuesday (10/04/19), “Container Coming to Village” scheme has primarily launched by delivering 3 (three) tons of rice to some villages in Essang, Talaud Island, North Sulawesi. They utilized “Minicont” or mini container as the innovation product of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero) subsidiary that is PT Pelindo Marine Service, to send the packages.

Director of Sea Traffic and Transportation, Capt. Wisnu Handoko, in Jakarta (10/4), declared that mini container (MiniCont) is suitable for reaching the areas that has limited stevedoring access in port and main road. “The scheme of container coming to village may support sea toll project by performing end to end scheme. Consequently, this project aims to help people who have limited access of 3TP (Left-Behind, Advanced, Desolate, and Inland), and reduces far national price disparities between West and East Indonesia,” said Capt. Wisnu.

Minicont is being chosen as delivery tool because of its flexibility and efficiency, that is foldable when it is empty to save on space. There are 3 (three) Minicont that can be put into 20” container, and 8 (eight) folding Minicont can be put into 20” container. Consequently, it may reach that has limited access for large trucks.

The President Director of PT Pelindo Marine Service (PT PMS), Eko Hariyadi Budiyanto, declared that Minicont has several advantages, for instance, minicont can be folded and put into 20” container and each minicont has 3 (three) tons capacity. “The production planning is based on orders and immediate demand, we are able to produce 1.000 containers within 3 (three) months, and reduces stuffing and stripping in port operations,” said the President Director of PT PMS.

Minicont handled the delivery transport of rice packages at Port of Tanjung Perak by having Nusantara Logistics Ship II which was operated by PT Pelni, to be carried to Port of Bitung. Then, Minicont was returned to Port of Melonguane by having KM. Kendhaga Nusantara I ship that was transported to Sabuk Nusantara 95 Ship as Vessel Pioneer to Port of Essang.

The primarily launching scheme of Container Coming to Village, aims to reach areas that have limited access for mainly food supplies and reducing price disparities.