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Awaiting Breaking the Fast with Spiritual and Motivational Refreshment

Monday, 01 Apr 2024
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Surabaya (1/4) - Employees of PT Pelindo Marine Service (Pelindo Marine), known as Mariners, eagerly awaited breaking the fast together by participating in spiritual and motivational sessions at Pelindo Place, Surabaya, Monday (1/4) evening. The President Commissioner, Board of Directors, and all headquarters employees listened attentively to the engaging sermon delivered by the Grand Imam of the Al Akbar Mosque Surabaya, KH. Ahmad Muzakky Al Hafidz. Previously, the Director of HC and General Affairs of PT Pelindo Jasa Maritim, the parent company of Pelindo Marine, Rachmad Prayogi, also attended and shared motivation to serve as a reflection for employees in improving productivity and service quality for customers.

KH. Ahmad Muzakky, in his sermon, elaborated on the theme of Ramadan 1445 H for Pelindo Marine, namely 'Full of Closeness'. He emphasized that the success of fasting and its accompanying acts of worship is reflected in the increase in faith and devotion to draw closer to Allah, as well as the improvement of relationships to be closer to fellow human beings. "The better practice of worship during the fasting month shows a commitment to drawing closer to Allah, increasing spiritual awareness, and strengthening the spiritual bond with the Creator. Additionally, worship performed with sincerity also encourages us to care for and understand others, creating peace, harmony, and unity in interpersonal relationships," he explained.

Rachmad Prayogi conveyed a similar message in his motivational session, emphasizing the importance of interpersonal closeness among Pelindo personnel to enhance synergy and solidarity within the Pelindo merger. As a senior leader in the Pelindo Group (Indonesia SOE), Rachmad Prayogi summarized his motivational tips in three points. "First, leave your comfort zone if you want to succeed. Second, leave the 'mental block'. We must be adept at adapting to change (remaining relevant and adaptive). Third, in line with the spirit of 'Full of Closeness' at Pelindo Marine, we Pelindo personnel must be united as a team to achieve satisfactory service for customers. The key is transformation through digitization, efficiency, standardization, and innovation!" he elaborated.

On the same occasion, Pelindo Marine President Director Warsilan added that with the thematic 'Full of Closeness,' it is hoped that Mariners will gain wisdom from the series of worship activities in the fasting month to become closer vertically to the Almighty and socially closer to fellow human beings. Especially those in need of assistance and support. "Therefore, Pelindo Marine is delighted to once again invite orphaned children from the Aisyahtong Mariyam Orphanage and Lil Wathon Surabaya Orphanage to gather for breaking the fast together and provide some school equipment, as well as educational assistance as part of the Pelindo Sharing Ramadan Program 1445 H 2024. Why education? Because education is the most important asset for the future of orphaned children and is in line with the Priority CSR Program directed by the Ministry of SOEs," he concluded.