PT Pelindo Marine Service (PT PMS) is one of subsidiaries of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero) which is one of the biggest Indonesia state-owned enterprise (BUMN) engaged in port’s services. 

As a corporate entity, PT PMS runs its business in sea transportation, shipping, and other maritime industries. Deed No. 08 dated December 31, 2011 of Stephen R. Agus Purwanto established PT Pelindo Marine Service, and effectively run as a corporate entity since January 1, 2012, headquartered in Surabaya located on 58 Prapat Kurung Utara Street, Surabaya. 

Line of Business in PT PMS are:

  1. Government Marine Services.
  2. Oil & Gas Services.
  3. Dredging & Channel Services.
  4. Shipbroking.
  5. International & Non-Govt Marine Services.
  6. Logistics Services.
  7. Port Utility & Offshore.
  8. Waste Management.