Wednesday, 07 February 2018

Surabaya – 4 units of advanced tugboats has been added as a valuable service improvement in PMS. The ships,with the main engine of 2 x 2400 hp and 2 x 1500 hp respectively, are handed over to PT PMS from Pelindo III after “Bike to Work” event.

These ship has advanced technology such as AMS (Alarm Monitoring System). This is the first ship in Indonesia that implements this kind of feature. With this, all equipment in the ship like main engine, auxiliary engine, propulsion system, even further oil and fuel consumption, could be monitored accurately and real time.  

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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Surabaya - In order to celebrate the National K3 month, PT PMS conduct a series of activities related to K3. Those activities are including first aid in-house training and firefighting training using fire extinguisher and Gunny sack.

This series of activities is followed by all Subsidiaries incorporated in PT PMS Group including PT APBS, PT Pelindo Energi Logistik and PT BMC Logistics. The main purpose of firefighting training is to provide basic knowledge and fire management as well as to provide awareness about improving daily performance in preventing fire in the workplace.

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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

"The government's development has been proven by increasing container flows to NTT and NTB by 30%." said President Director of PT Pelindo Marine Service (PMS), Putut Sri Muljanto in Jokowinomics book review this morning at Hotel Singgasana Surabaya.

Increase number of container throughput is the result of the development in infrastructure sector, especially in Eastern part of Indonesia. It is added that the Jokowinomics deep-sea toll program currently faces challenges from the land transportation sector which is considered to be cheaper and more flexible. In addition, Putut is proposing that the sea toll road can be re-examined and only be focused in areas where the private sector has not participated yet so that the market mechanism can be achieved.

The event which was also attended by the Board of Directors of Pelindo III Group subsidiaries and industry players in East Java aims to see how far the role of President Jokowi's policy in improving the economy and the challenges faced in implementing its implementation.

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Friday, 20 April 2018

Surabaya - Friday (20/4) PT Pelindo Marine Service (PMS), along with PT APBS shareholders which are Van Oord DMC and PT Gerbang Samudera Utama (GSU), signed the Shareholder Agreement. Van Oord and GSU agreed to sell some of their shares as an APBS effort to strengthen its market share.

With the signing, PT PMS, which is one of the subsidiaries of PT Pelindo III, becomes the majority shareholder of APBS shares which is 90%. APBS itself is a company engaged in maintaining and dredging channels.

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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Surabaya - Thursday (24/5) PT Pelindo Marine Service held an iftar with orphans. PMS President Director Eko Hariyadi Budiyanto also provides a gift of school equipment for orphans. The event which was held in the yard of Al Farisy Mosque was attended by all employees of PT PMS Group.

In the future, it is expected that this event will strengthen the relationship between employees who are busy with the work. In addition, communication is expected to run more smoothly and relationships among employees, especially those in PT PMS Group,is more solid.

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Friday, 25 May 2018

Surabaya, PT PMS recently held farewell and welcoming event for President Director of PT PMS and an iftar with Commissioner, Board of Directors, and PT PMS Group alongwith its Staff. President Director PT PMS previously held by Putut Sri Muljanto, currently held by Eko Hariyadi Budiyanto.

On this occasion, Putut thanked the entire family of PT PMS Group who has been able to cooperate well during his tenure. Putut hopes, PT PMS can grow better and able to compete with other competitors.

Besides,Putut also advised that all employees keep the spirit and honest in working.  "Heart, mouth, and mind must be in line." Because the PMS is a good place, so only good people can be here. "Putut said.

Congratulations for the new position and we wish you a good luck. Thanks for giving us your knowledge, guidance and passion to PT PMS Group. As well as to Mr. Eko Hariyadi Budiyanto as President Director of PT PMS, we welcome you in PT PMS. We hope that during the time of your leadership, you are able to take PT PMS more advanced again and lead us to the worldwide so as to provide prosperity for all employees of PT PMS Group.

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